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For following this blog, I recommend subscribing to one of my RSS feeds. In addition to the overall RSS feed, my blog generates feeds for each of the tags. For example, if you’re only interested in personal or only in technical posts, you can follow the respective tags.

For discovering the tag feeds, you can just add /index.xml to the tag URL, but I recommend using a browser extension for RSS/atom feeds instead. Currently, I use feed-preview for firefox which displays a button if a website has a feed and shows a preview if I click on it. Usually, I just use that to copy feed URL’s into my feed aggregator (elfeed, which I only recommend if you’re already an Emacs user). However, there are many in-browser aggregators. In most, you can export your list of feeds in the opml file format, which you can for example use to synchronize your feeds with your smartphone (I’m happy with Feeder for android).

About me personal

I am a German PhD student in experimental particle physics (also high energy physics or HEP) doing data analysis and software development for the Belle II experiment.

Contact and web presence

Interests and hobbies

  • Life-long learning
  • Reading
  • Software development
  • Sports:
    • bouldering / climbing
    • jogging, especially now during the Covid19-pandemic when Judo or going to the bouldering gym is out of the question
    • Judo
  • The ancient game of baduk/go/weiqi. Find my on OGS as elimik31. EGF profile: 20125094
  • geohashing as user Elimik31
  • language learning (see below)
  • cooking, also more since the Coronavirus pandemic. Love Asian cooking (e.g. Chinese and Korean), but also occasionally do traditional Russian dishes. And fermentation.
  • emacs hacking
  • I like animals, especially dogs, cats and birds


mother tongue
My parent’s mother tongue, fluent at speaking it, not as good when it comes to reading and writing.
6 years at school, still can do some basic communication and understand if spoken slowly.
intermediate/beginner-level. Attended a course once per week while studying at university for over 3 years, but after the first year didn’t do much self-study or homework, which is the most important for language learning. Never came around to properly learn Kanji. Currently not learning anymore.
Until recently on intensive self study, because for personal reasons I am highly motivated to learn it and together with Anki and progressed quicker than I ever did with Japanese (also the simple writing system helps), but currently on hold due to my Ph.D.

Source-code of this blog meta

The git source of this blog is on with most of the content being written in the file. See this post on a technical explanation how I generate this blog from that source file.