At the moment I don’t have a commeting system embedded into my blog. Instead, I think we can use good old mailing lists as an alternative. You can see the mailing list archives and post new comment mails via Or directly write a mail to ~meliache/ Just be aware of the mailing-list-etiquette.

To comment to a specific post, you can put the last part of the subdirectory of the URL (the part after the last /) into the email subject. But I don’t think I’ll be super strict about that, I think we can keep that informal and you don’t need to restrict your emails to specific blog posts.

Just keep in mind that the mailing-list is public, so if you want to comment in private just write to

In the future I might consider self-hosting an embeddable comment service like e.g. commento, but as of now this is not of great importance to me. After all this blog is not meant to replace social networks for me, if it’s single-directional and might help even a single person out there, I’m happy.

Alternatively, if you want to engage with social-media-style interactions, just check out my social media presences on the homepage.

Technical note for myself and for future reference: There is an ongoing discussion on on the mailinglist about using mailinglists for comments.