Hello and welcome to my new blog. I’m still not sure what exactly I will post here, but I want to try and keep up a regular writing habit. With writing I believe it’s like with many other creative work that quantity must come first and only if you start writing much and often, you’ll get more experienced and learn to write better. It’s a fight against my urge for perfectionism.

I already used the coronavirus pandemic for working on my daily journal again and also started a note-keeping / zettelkasten workflow with org-roam. The step towards a public blog doesn’t seem large to me. I don’t want to publish my private journal and notes, so I’ll keep this blog separate and orthogonal to those, meant for things that I think some reader might find value in. Also, I must be careful for this not to be too much of a time-sink for my procrastination.

I already had the idea for a blog a couple of years ago after my master thesis. Back then I spent some time figuring out the technical stuff of how to write a and deploy a static website with ox-hugo and also wrote the About page (I seriously should update and shorten it down soon). However, at that point I stopped and didn’t continue on this, as often happens, but now I decided to pick it up again.

At the moment I mostly use twitter for occasionally sharing thoughts, but I don’t really like the idea of a centralized internet centered around huge companies which are interested in my data (btw, I’m aware of decentralized microblogging services like mastodon). Blogs are nice in that regard because you can just subscribe to the via their RSS feed (check out the feed for this blog) and receive their updates via your feed reader no matter what website they are hosted on. I stress this because I must admit that I only recently started subscribing to RSS-feeds and feel like I have been missing much until now. Also, as I use a static site generator, it means that all source files for this blog are under my control and if something happens to sourcehut, where this is hosted now, I’ll be able to switch to any other hosting service.

Because the deployment set-up was some work, I might write a separate blog post about it soon. But I hope I’ll also find chances to write some non-technical things here, so don’t feel discouraged if you followed because you know me personally but all the tech-talk so far was intimidating.