I finally set out and bought a custom domain for my blog. Therefore, the URL changed from meliache.srht.site to meliache.de. I still have ownership of the old sourcehut domain, so I put there HTML page with a link and a simple JavaScript snippet forwarding visitors to the new domain.

But, I realized that if somebody followed this blog via the RSS feed, that feed might be broken, so they (you) might need to re-subscribe the new RSS feed address. But I just fixed that by copying the hugo-generated RSS-feed including this post to the old address meliache.srht.site/index.xml, but I won’t keep the feed at the old URL in sync indefinitely.

At least in the future I hope domain changes will be less frequent. One of the major reasons why I bought the new domain is that in addition to looking more professional I’ll be able to change between hosts for my blog (github pages, sourcehut, …) without needing a change of domain.